Office Cleaning Essex

Could the standard of cleaning you are receiving be improved?

If you are not happy with the service from your current cleaning contractor don’t just put up with it. Get yourself a company who will go the extra mile! Contact us now so we can help bring the standard of cleaning up to an acceptable level!

An office that’s professionally cleaned creates a great first impression that really lasts, making contract cleaning the savvy choice for a growing business.

Most employees consider their workplaces as a second home and as such, you need to focus your efforts on keeping it clean and tidy. By keeping the work environment well-maintained, you’re allowing your employees to be productive, efficient, and more importantly, happy.

First of all, never task your employees with cleaning duties. Invest in a dedicated cleaning crew or consider hiring a professional cleaning service, which literally works on cleaning every part of your workspace, whether it’s cleaning floors and carpets, walls, windows, bathrooms, hallways and even the outside of the building. This can either be a one-time deal, of if you’re completely satisfied with their services, you can hire them to clean your offices daily


At CleanGo UK we have a team of highly experienced cleaners who are trained to the hishest standard to ensure they clean to a high standard at all times, and also understand what CleanGo’s expectations are in regard to customer service. We have a large pool of staff operating in all areas of the business which ensures our bookings run smoothly. All staff arrive at our client’s establishments fully uniformed and equipped ensuring professionalism always.  We look after our staff and they in turn look after our clients.

CleanGo UK have over 10 years of experience with contract cleaning and we understand the importance of a clean and tidy office. We can provide a professional service at an affordable price.

Call us now if we can improve your cleaning standards on 02037332165 or email us